Strategic partnership helps Eastman improve service while keeping costs competitive

Eastman Chemical Company is one of the top 10 global suppliers of custom-manufactured fine chemicals for pharmaceuticals, agriculture and other markets. Headquartered in Kingsport, Tennessee, U.S.A., the company is the world’s largest producer of PET polymers for packaging, provides key differentiated coatings, adhesives and specialty plastics products, and is a major supplier of cellulose acetate fibers.


As manufacturers continually expand their operations, logistics service providers and freight forwarders must scramble to keep pace. Due to its continual growth and customers’ demands, Eastman Chemical Asia Pacific can’t afford to wait for its LSPs to play catch-up. In Asia Pacific, Eastman requires its logistics partners to help manage the complexity and scope of its regional service offerings, and critical online visibility of inventory.


Located in Singapore, Eastman Chemical Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (ECAP) is the hub for Eastman Chemical Company’s supply chain and logistics management in the region. Eastman relies on BDP service for select outbound logistics lanes from the U.S., and outbound/inbound/domestic logistics in Malaysia, China, Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong, including warehousing in Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong.

ECAP’s Director of Asia Pacific Customer Supply Chain Services, Tom Morton, is responsible for all supply chain and business operations support in the region. “Since we began working with BDP in Asia in 2000, we have seen fairly significant cost reductions and improvement from a service and reliability standpoint. We utilize BDP’s expertise in documentation, freight forwarding, importing and exporting, Customs clearance, warehousing, as well as IT linkages to keep our processes flexible.”

“BDP is able to provide Eastman with documentation on a global basis,” said Capt. Heman. “This enables us to keep shipments moving throughout the region. We view BDP as an information provider, keeping Eastman current with our carriers, shipment confirmation and tracking. BDP systems manage the data and provide us with reports and oversight capabilities. This enables us to stay on course and continue to get product to our customers on a timely basis.”

“Visibility is critical,” said Tharin Walker, BDP’s Global Chemical Team Manager, Asia Pacific Region, in Singapore. “Eastman can go online and view inventory levels at any of their storage locations in real time. We work closely with Eastman at many locations throughout Asia, so BDP staff at Singapore can, for example, see the status of import Customs clearance that BDP staff in Shanghai may be handling. We want to stay on top of everything that moves.”

While many providers may have regulatory compliance capabilities within the U.S., their expertise elsewhere is not as deep. “BDP is very up-to-date on regulatory changes,” Capt. Heman emphasized, “which not only helps us to adhere to Eastman protocols but also with those of various countries in which we operate.”

“It is that willingness to listen and to work in partnership, to provide the right solutions and fill the gaps, that really sets BDP apart. BDP looks for ways to be flexible in how solutions can be provided so that there is value for our end customers and for Eastman.”