Larsen & Toubro

Careful planning transforms big move into smooth sailing

Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T) is a technology, engineering, construction and manufacturing company with headquarters in India. ECC – the Engineering Construction and Contracts Division of L&T is India’s largest construction organisation with over 60 years of experience and expertise in the field.

ECC’s leading edge capabilities cover every discipline of construction: civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineering and services extend to all core sector industries and infrastructure projects.


Larsen & Toubro were undertaking a new development project on Saadiyat Island. Saadiyat Island is a 27-square-kilometer natural island—half the size of Bermuda—and lies only 500 meters offshore of Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates’ capital city. The island can be reached by road and sea. Normal cargo and truckloads not exceeding 90 tons can be driven to the island without any problems. Access by sea—a distance of 12 nautical miles—is very challenging: there are only three jetties, designed for small passenger ships and for small barges, tugs, etc., but no cargo movements have taken place before.

Due to the weight of the Larsen & Toubro shipment—four shipments of transformers and equipment each totaling 125 tons—the move had to be made by sea.


BDP Project Logistics took the initiative to provide a feasibility study and report was appreciated by Larsen and Toubro and resulted in BDP being awarded the project. “We selected BDP Project Logistics because of their professional approach and their past record,” said Debash Biswas, Project Manager for the ECC Division of Larsen & Toubro. “BDP’s feasibility study and detailed report helped during the selection process—they told us how they were going to handle the project.”

While it can vary from project to project, the primary capabilities Mr. Biswas looks for when selecting project logistics resources are job knowledge, local presence and know-how, the providers’ attitude towards the project, and quoted price, he said.

Although the distance from Abu Dhabi Port to Saadiyat Island is only 12 nautical miles, the move had to be made over an undersea gas pipeline, shallow water, and a high-tension wire across the channel entering into TDIC Jetty, which was near the Larsen and Toubro site.

The detailed marine survey conducted by BDP Project Logistics recommended a specific type of craft to perform the job, a length of not more than 50 meters and a superstructure height of 18 meters. BDP created a load plan with a landing craft specification after weighing the challenges and cost options that was quickly approved by the client.

The move was successfully completed, with the transformers moved to Larsen & Toubro’s specified lay-down area.

“The BDP team provided services in right earnest.” Mr. Biswas stated. “The transparency provided by BDP staff during the entire procedure assisted us in tracking and helping us to make decisions and what actions to take throughout the process.”

“We have faith in the services of BDP Project Logistics,” Mr. Biswas added, “and look forward to further business relations with them in future projects. Now we know their capabilities.”