Seamless cooperation between partners wins high praise from client

Termocandelaria S.C.A., owned by Termocandelaria Power Ltd., is a power generation company comprised of a two-unit, 320-MW electricity generating facility, located near the city of Cartagena, along Colombia’s Caribbean Coast.


To generate the requested power on demand and maximize its generating revenue, the company decided to convert from natural gas fuel to dual fuel gas or diesel operation. An aggressive conversion timetable was developed. The major challenge for Termocandelaria was not only to meet the deadline in order to implement the expansion of its capabilities and the conversion to dual fuels, but also to transport plant equipment and materials from multiple locations around the world to Cartagena. Time was critical, as was the need to tightly manage costs. There was no room for error.


Termocandelaria S.C.A. turned to a number of project logistics resources, including INTERFLEX S.A. of Colombia. Following a rapid RFQ process, the company selected INTERFLEX and its global partner, BDP Project Logistics.

“The best proposal was presented by INTERFLEX and BDP,” said Maria Beatriz Antequera, Logistics Director for Termocandelaria S.C.A. “We already knew INTERFLEX’s capabilities. BDP’s pricing was very good. Plus, we were confident that BDP’s global capabilities of offices and affiliates—their experienced and highly specialized resources—could handle the equipment moves. They were able to provide the information we needed for the project in the shortest time.”

“Cost control is very important for Termocandelaria,” Antequera said. “Termocandelaria operates in a highly competitive electricity market dominated by low-cost, hydro-based generation companies. That is why we had to have the most competitive rates from providers.”

Since air transportation was being utilized, due to time constraints, costs had to be even more tightly controlled. While the air shipment from Germany was particularly challenging—the cargo was large and there was a tight deadline—the shipment still arrived on time.

Extra-dimensional cargo was a great challenge; most was trucked at night via special trailer, which meant some roads had to be closed.

“Having a resource that could pull together all the shipments from all the origin countries was important,” Antequera said. “It was a tailor-made service. A service that listens to your needs and has the answers at the right time. The chartered flight was handled very well, as were the inland moves in the US.”

“There is no substitute for experience, especially in the project logistics marketplace,” Benedetti said. “We had strict deadlines. The plant had to be completed by a specific date to avoid huge fines. The cargo arrived on time.”

What are the primary capabilities Antequera looks for in the selection of a project logistics resource?

“The provider needs to have wide ranging support, a global network,” she said. “You need good prices. Experience is important, of course, which is where INTERFLEX has a competitive advantage over other providers bringing shipments into Cartagena.”

And the whole move? “It was really well managed,”she added. “The follow-up was really good. Complete door-to-door services. We worked as a team on the moves and we continue to work as a team. We are very satisfied with INTERFLEX and BDP. I will keep working with them…and would recommend them to anyone.”