Trek Bicycle

Staying in Gear:  Making sure your transportation & logistics run smoothly half a world away

Trek Bicycle Corporation is one of the largest bike manufacturers in the world. Since 1976, Trek’s mission was simple: To build the best bikes in the world. Headquartered in Wisconsin, Trek imports from a number of global vendors and distributes their bicycles globally.


Trek Bicycle Corporation imports finished bicycles and parts from a number of locations, including Taiwan, Japan, and China. Trek often imported small shipments from different vendors to a single location in the United States, then redistributed inventory to final destinations. Based in Waterloo, Wisconsin, Trek wanted to outsource logistics management services to help keep things moving smoothly half a world away.


BDP Asia-Pacific proposed switching from direct, less-than-container-load shipments to multi-country consolidation. Now, during a normal production schedule, Trek receives one or two consolidated parts containers each week from Hong Kong or Taiwan. BDP loads the containers with products destined for one of Trek’s four U.S. manufacturing and distribution facilities. This process not only saves on transportation but also eliminates the need to break down containers and redistribute the contents to multiple locations.

“BDP’s familiarity with the product and Trek’s needs has proven invaluable,” says Linda Bourdo, Trek international transportation manager. “Our great working relationship has helped us through some very difficult times.” For example, when a new model year was about to begin, we expected 13 containers. Seven were on one vessel when a major problem occurred at sea and the voyage stopped. The parts were hot, the ship was late and delays in Customs clearance would have been disastrous. BDP’s diligence in monitoring, updating and providing alternatives to unload the containers at previously unused ports of entry actually resulted in quicker arrival times. The clearance was handled without delays and the parts arrived on time.

BDP provides Customs Clearance services to Trek for all Pacific Rim import shipments, as well as air freight from the region. Trek relies on BDP’s knowledge and leverage in the industry to provide excellent air shipment service. The company trusts BDP for all the background decisions, such as weather, capacity and equipment issues.