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Coronavirus Update

Everything you need to know to keep your supply chain safe

Helping you deliver what matters, safely.

The coronavirus COVID-19 has officially spread to over 180 countries and territories worldwide, with over  million cases reported, and the numbers continuing to rise. Many governments have announced lockdowns, shutdowns, and quarantines in an attempt to curb the increase of cases.

As such, the transportation industry has experienced significant disruptions as a result of the virus. With the announcement of ongoing flight cancellations by airlines, the ripple effects of COVID-19 are being felt in all facets of global supply chains as capacity constraints are expected to continue. 

Here are the latest updates, at a glance: 

Air Transportation Impact

View the latest overview of demand and capacity for major trade lanes globally, and industry news relating to COVID-19 airfreight impacts.

View the latest air updates

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Cargo Ship Ocean

Ocean Transportation Impact

While many ports remain open, carriers continue to announce blank sailings, reefer shortages, and forecasted capacity constraints.

View the latest ocean updates

Supply Chain Impact

View the latest data outlining major port and country disruptions and COVID-19 global cases globally, as well as a number of resources to help you navigate the situation.

View the latest supply chain updates

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Truck on road

US Domestic Impact

View everything you need to know about COVID-19's impact on US Domestic Transport and how BDP can help you navigate these rocky roads.

View latest US domestic updates

Impact on employees

Our number one priority is the safety and well-being of BDP employees. As we continue to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, our offices in affected areas will continue BCP plans.

View BDP BCP Plans

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Impact on travel

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has outlined travel health information about COVID-19.

View all travel recommendations

BDP International is here to help you navigate through this complexity.

The situation is rapidly evolving, but we have deployed both short and long-term solutions to mitigate possible disruptions and to keep your supply chain moving. BDP remains very customer focused, providing value through information, analysis and a hands-on approach.

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What you can do now

  • Contact BDP to support the urgent move of your cargo via:

    • Rail to Europe (east to west)

    • Air charter support

  • Contact your BDP team to support any sourcing changes you may want to make

  • Contact your BDP team via the form below for more information

Planning ahead 

  • Prepare and share volume forecast based on the backlog with your providers asap

  • Focus on priority cargo knowing the high likelihood of rolled bookings

  • Avoid CFS consolidation due to the high likelihood of bottlenecks 

  • Use a single-source provider to coordinate customs, drayage, and freight

  • Expedite cargo at destination 

  • Adjust lead times within your systems given likely delays to production and destination screening

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“BDP has gained longevity as our trusted partner, due in large part to their willingness to engage in the most difficult situations to provide alternatives and align on a plausible course of action. In challenging environments, such as the recent coronavirus outbreak, BDP remains very customer focused, providing value through information, analysis and the hands-on approach of the team globally.”

Director, Global Logistics Sourcing, Leading Global Electronics

Read more about how BDP helped a leading global electronics company safeguard their supply chain
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