COVID-19 Business Continuity FAQs

In the wake of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, our global teams have been monitoring and keeping pace with the developments of the infection in all affected locations where BDP operates.

For those regions where the virus is actively spreading, BDP has activated its Business Continuity Plan in a manner proportionate to and consistent with the relevant government directions/advisories that have been issued in affected locations. 

In situations like this, the safety of our BDP employees is first and foremost, our top priority. Our Business Continuity Team has deployed various preventative measures to ensure and maintain the safety of BDP employees while mitigating any disruptions to our customers.  

We have prepared some Frequently Asked Questions to provide some insight into BDP’s operations and to the preventative measures in place as a result of COVID-19. 

Q: Is BDP International fully operational? 

A: Yes, BDP offices around the world are operational, though as mentioned, we have enacted Business Continuity Plans (BCP) in several regions where the number of coronavirus cases is high.  

Q: Which offices are affected? 

A: BDP has offices within all BDP regions that have enacted BCP measures. Our teams are closely monitoring the latest alerts, updates, and recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control regarding the spread of COVID-19 and are prepared to enact BCP in other regions, if necessary. 

Q: I’ve seen restrictions in place for essential and non-essential business operations. Is logistics considered an essential service? 

A: Yes, logistics and transportation are considered to be essential services, so BDP is able to operate if there are mandated restrictions for non-essential businesses. However, certain regions are prioritizing essential goods for movement such as food items, medicine, life-saving equipment, etc., so there may be delays in the transport of other cargoes. 

Q: What BCP measures are currently in place? 

A: We have deployed numerous measures to protect the health and well-being of BDP employees while maintaining minimal disruption to our customers. These actions include remote working, flex-time, split team arrangements, temperature screenings for employees, restricting non-essential office visitors, and providing BDP employees with the necessary hygiene products in offices like sanitizing hand gel and wipes. BDP has also restricted all non-essential global travel and has encouraged our teams to utilize phone/video conferencing tools where possible. 

Q: If necessary, is BDP’s IT infrastructure equipped to handle an influx of employees working remotely? 

A: BDP’s IT department has taken the necessary steps to prepare for a situation where employees may need to work remotely. Our primary platforms have been set up to ensure that all relevant systems can run at a high productivity rate. IT will work closely with specific country management to ensure network configurability within systems and applications, as well as properly encrypted/secured software connections to maintain security in the event that employees must work from home. 

As part of BDP IT’s strong commitment to business continuity, we rely heavily on our virtual desktop platform (VDI), from VMware Horizon View. This best-in-class application delivery platform is an essential tool every day, but especially during challenging times like these.

By using the VDI platform BDP can present any line of business or productivity application to any employee with a simple Internet connection and remain compliant with our strict ISO27001 requirements.

When connected, they will be presented with the same virtual desktop they have when accessing VDI from a BDP office or facility.

The VDI environment operates continuously around the globe for BDP employees in all regions. Strict controls are in place to cleanup idle sessions to ensure availability for other employees.

Q: Is there a central location where BDP is compiling information on COVID-19? 

A: Yes, we have created a comprehensive COVID-19 update page on BDP’s website that captures the latest alerts and updates along with a complete listing of BDP office status.  

Q: I have other questions – who should I reach out to? 

A: Please reach out to your local BDP representative for any additional assistance.