Houston Supply Chain Summit 2018

September 12, 2018

BDP International is pleased to present our annual one-day summit in Houston! Our team of industry experts and executives will lead thought-provoking discussions on pertinent topics that can affect your business and supply chain, and solutions for effectively managing both. Registration is <b>free</b> but <i>space is limited</i>. Click below to save your spot! Agenda topics to include: - <b>Digitalization</b>, <b>blockchain</b> and the latest applications to enhance your supply chain - M&A learnings and current challenges - Regulatory & <b>tariff</b> issues and their impact on your supply chain - <b>Brexit</b> 101: What does this mean for Europe's supply chain? - Challenges and solutions to <b>temperature controlled</b> transport in the <b>chemical</b> supply chain <i>*Agenda is tentative and subject to change</i>