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In today's ever-changing environment, companies need to be well versed on the factors at play that can affect their business. As such, BDP International is pleased to host educational seminars all over the globe to educate, inform, and share knowledge with our audiences. 

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March 26 - March 28, 2018 via Webinar Regulatory Compliance Complimentary Webinar

Spotlight Series: Understanding the Impact of Trump's Tariffs

The Trump Administration has imposed tariffs on solar panels, washing machines, steel and aluminum products, and will move forward with tariffs against China for alleged intellectual property...

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March 15, 2018 via Web-Ex Complimentary Webinar

Import and Export Webinar: Incoterms and Potential Issues

How does your company view Incoterms? There can often be misunderstandings about their use and purpose. We will explore proper usage of Incoterms and how best to utilize them in your international...

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Customs Declaration Form

March 13, 2018 via Web-Ex Complimentary Webinar

Intro Sessions Webinar: Export Documents

Do you know the difference between a standard Bill of Lading and an Express Bill of Lading? Do you know what an airwaybill is? We will be explaining the difference between different types of...

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March 8, 2018 via Web-Ex Complimentary Webinar

Import and Export Webinar: Role of the Importer

Being an importer of record places regulatory responsibilities on your organization. Learn what is required, risks and liabilities, record keeping requirements, and why a properly executed power of...

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Corporate Governance

March 1, 2018 via Web-Ex Complimentary Webinar

Import and Export Webinar: Anti-Dumping

What is the same and what is new with Anti-Dumping? The new Anti-Dumping Duty Evasion law has granted CBP a set of investigative tools to determine whether importers (and exporters) are engaging in...

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