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In Europe and elsewhere, global shippers are under constant pressure to engineer broad-based savings through creative use of logistics processes, leading to more efficient management of their supply chains. As a result, 360-degree information visibility has become a necessary core service for logistics providers.

Our core portfolio of export/import logistics and (air, sea and ground) transportation management services is complemented by specialized practices in chemicals and industrial shipments, time-sensitive consumer cargos, iron and steel, bulk liquid, and energy and commodities. In addition, we provide fourth-party logistics for clients migrating their manufacturing operations and supply chain from domestic to international scope.

Our European operations are staffed by multi-lingual professionals who are well versed in the issues surrounding doing business in and out of Europe. We are pleased to have long-term relationships with many of our European clients and maintain a reputation for providing excellent control over processes, events, inventories and the information that flows between all parties.

To locate the BDP office to best serve your needs, please use the BDP Global Network Locator.