Project Engineering Services

Our services include:

  • Calculation of the load-bearing capacity of bridges of all design types.
  • Planning and technical calculations of support and reinforcement measures required to fortify existing bridges.
  • Analysis of bridges and underground pipes with regard to the stability required to avoid the risk of structural failure, and to ensure both damage-free transport and the safety of all of those involved.
  • Engineering design and construction of temporary bridges over obstacles including railways, roads, and bodies of water.
  • Calculation of the stability of underground pipes to be crossed-over during the transport of heavy cargoes both inside and outside of job sites.
  • Crane studies, including the geotechnical proofs of supports such as outrigger stabilizers, jack stands / stools and other support structures.
  • Planning of lifting, jacking and skidding concepts for the positioning and transport of equipment at destination job sites.
  • Planning and geotechnical proofs for temporary construction roads and construction road systems, embankments and dams. Geotechnical planning for subsoil improvement.
  • Static and dynamic calculations for equipment with particular stability risks during transport , such as rotationally symmetric cylinder shells mounted onto turntables.
  • Technical drawings of transport configurations and calculations to produce the proper configuration of turning radiuses for vehicles and loads.
  • Complete and extensive route surveys and reviews.
  • Survey services at geometrically critical points.
  • Support in negotiations with governmental authorities as well as road transport & railway administrations.
  • Visualization and animation of operations requiring detailed review and analysis