BDP International Launches Exceptional On-Line Tracking System

PHILADELPHIA, PA, July 31, 2001 BDP International plans to launch an Internet enabled shipment-tracking tool called BDPTraxthat includes pro-active exception reporting, it was announced today.

This capacity, to push exception information based on a customers pre-defined criteria, moves intelligence forward, allowing customers to make informed, supply chain management decisions, said Richard J. Bolte, Jr., president of BDP.

The second in a suite of Internet enabled customer service tools BDP has introduced in 2001, BDPTrax offers secure global tracing and tracing functions accessible to all parties involved in a transaction. These include shippers, consignees, carriers, Customs clearance agents, and third-party providers worldwide.

Interfacing with existing BDP systems and accessible via the companys web site, , BDPTrax will deliver tracking detail for benchmark data that covers order processing, shipment documentation and end-to-end shipment status on every major transportation mode.

After listening and learning from our customers, consignees and global partners, we included what we consider is a unique, critical function that meets the needs of our customers customers or end-users.

The push technology in BDPTrax is another instance where BDPs advanced logistics technology by translating information into knowledgecan help drive down costs and raise the bar for efficiency, said Bolte.

In July, BDP and G-Log, the leading provider of collaborative logistics management solutions, entered into a 10-year strategic agreement. Under the agreement, BDP will license and implement the comprehensive G-Log logistics platform to advance its existing infrastructure. In accordance, G-Log and BDP will collaborate in a Joint Application Development (JAD) project to extend G-Logs footprint in International Trade Logistics (ITL).

In March, the company introduced Internet enabled BDP CustomerCorrect, providing direct and immediate access to customer service specialists throughout its global logistics and transportation network. The direct and easy link promised to more quickly resolve outstanding issues, from the timing and accuracy of import/export documentation to the processing and management of customers service orders.

BDP International serves more than 4,000 customers worldwide. The company provides a range of services including ocean, air and ground transportation; export freight forwarding; import customs brokerage; regulatory compliance consultation and education/training; international lead logistics, global chemical logistics, and logistics process analysis and design; project/dimensional services; warehousing/consolidation/distribution; and shipment transaction/tracking systems.

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