US Exports to China and Zika

August 24, 2016 – With recent announcements regarding China’s prevention of the spread of the zika virus, there have been many questions raised regarding anti-mosquito and fumigation treatments required for incoming containerized cargo to designated Chinese ports. As of August 18, the list has increased to 56 countries, including all of South America and the US. BDP would like to share some additional information with our customers about this new ruling.
It should be noted that the turn around time for Anti-Zika virus fumigation in China ports is estimated at 24-48 hours and there are two methods of utilization for the anti-mosquito treatment:
In method A, cargo can be collected within 24 hours of spraying outside portion of the container. In method B, cargo can be collected after 24 hours of smoke fumigation inside. For health hazard, CIQ shall set free responsibility since consigneee shall take precautions and self-reponsibility for it.
No official announcement regarding the cost of fumigation has been relayed locally by Chinese ports. Based on BDP’s knowledge and past experience, the possible fumigation fees are estimated below and are dependent upon the type of product and container size:
Method A – Spray disinfectant on outer portions of the container to avoid direct contact with the product within – BDP estimates cost to be $15USD per 20′ container and $30USD per 40′ container.
Method B – Smoke fumigation inside the container for products that are not sensitive –BDP estimates cost to be $30USD per 20′ container and $60USD per 40′ container.
This ruling applies to any shipments with an actual departure date of August 5, 2016 and after.
Certain products are exempt from fumigation requirements. The below Chinese ports have issued official announcements, with others expected to follow suit:
Shanghai port: All dangerous goods, food additives, istotanks and food grade products do not require fumigation.
Nanjing port: All dangerous goods, consumable medical supplies, food additives, food grade related products and activated carbon and other strong absorption products do not require fumigation. Container types such as reefer containers, isotanks, flatrack containers, and open top containers do not require fumigation.
Ningo port: Food grade products do not require fumigation. Exemptions will only be granted to specific products (by HS code) and are subject to approval by authorities on a case by case basis.
Dalian port: Dangerous goods do not require fumigation, others are subject to approval on a case by case basis.
Qingdao port: Dangerous goods do not require fumigation. All US origin certificates will not be accepted, and the product must be fumigated at Qingdao port upon arrival by spraying the outside of the container. Local authorities can decide upon any exemptions on a case by case basis.
Should you have any questions regarding this regulation, please see our Frequently Asked Questions document for further clarification.
Should you have any questions or concerns with shipments to China and the new fumigation ruling, please contact
Sources: China AQSIQ and BDP China