Customs manifest regulations to Vietnam

December 10, 2018: As of November 23, 2018, Vietnam Customs officials have released a new regulation, No.6889/TCHQ-GSQL. Customs will strictly enforce inbound shipments to the country and the required information on the manifest to declare incoming goods.  

A. For Normal Inbound Shipments

  • The order of information should read as follows: TAX CODE, NAME OF COMPANY, ADDRESS, TELEPHONE, FAX, EMAIL
  • In the event the consignee's name shows "TO ORDER" or "TO ORDER OF", the Notify party must be requested to declare as A.1
  • HS Code: At least 4 number digits
  • Description of goods: The name of the cargo must be stated clearly and concisely
  • Effective date: This will be enforced for any shipments with arrival dates from January 1, 2019, on


Should you have any questions about this new regulation, please reach out to the BDP Compliance Team.

Source: Vietnam Customs Department