'Deja vu' in Australia's ports as terminals are hit by new round of strikes

It’s “deja vu” on the Australian waterfront, as industrial action again causes lengthy shipping delays.

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has begun a series of work stoppages at Patrick Terminals’ Sydney facility and, with further action planned for the rest of the month, berth delays now at five days are expected to get longer.

Patrick said on Friday: “Currently, the worst impacted vessel has a seven-day delay. Two vessels have already been sub-contracted and further opportunities are being explored for subcontracting of vessels.”

Subcontracting could get more difficult, however, considering the MUA action also planned at Hutchison’s Sydney terminal this week.

Furthermore, the work stoppages are spreading to Melbourne, with action due at Patrick and Victoria International Container Terminal (VICT).

Neil Chambers, director of the Container Transport Alliance Australia (CTAA), said the bans on overtime, shift extensions and work upgrades were “starting to bite”.

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Source: The Loadstar