EPA and the new electronic reporting tool

In today's Federal Register (FR), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) posted a notice announcing a new web-based tool for exporters to utilize to meet their submission of Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) reporting requirements. 

TSCA section 12(b) requires exporters to submit a notice to EPA for each country to which a chemical subject to TSCA section 12(b) requirements is exported. 

Currently, TSCA section 12(b) export notifications can only be submitted to the Agency in hardcopy, by mail or in person, requiring the Agency to manually scan and process submissions. The modernization of the TSCA section 12(b) export notification process will allow the option for users to prepare and submit their notifications to the Agency electronically using a web-based application. To file electronically, submitters must use the EPA provided application 

The FRN provides all of the instructions for registration as well as the security for the web tool. However, if exporters still wish to submit in the paper format they may continue to do so. 

Please click here for the full announcement from the FR.