Ever Given free from bank and moving, authorities say

The Ever Given has been freed from the bank of the Suez Canal, according to service company Leth Agencies and the Suez Canal Authority.

The firm said the massive ship was under way and heading for the Great Bitter Lake further along the canal.

Tugboats and salvage crews worked for days to free the stricken container ship that had been languishing in the Suez Canal for nearly a week.

Authorities previously took advantage of high tides overnight to partially refloat the colossal vessel, which carries cargo between Asia and Europe and has been stuck sideways in the Suez Canal since Tuesday.

Earlier, it was feared the Panama-flagged, Japanese-owned ship might be stuck for weeks. Economists say the Ever Given's disruption of shipping through the Suez Canal probably will not have an impact on global trade for more than a few weeks.

Transits are expected to resume later this evening. It is still not clear if any vessels might be prioritized for passage, and the current backlog should be cleared within four days.

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Source: The Independent

BDP International is actively monitoring the situation and reaching out to our customers who have cargo aboard the EVER GIVEN, as well as the impact on other vessels in the area. We will continue to share updates as we receive them, but should you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your local BDP representative.