Global Trade Magazine Names BDP International One of America’s leading 3PLs

PHILADELPHIA (September 5, 2017) — BDP International (BDP), a leading privately owned global logistics and transportation solutions company, has been recognized as one of America’s leading 3PLs (Third Party Logistics Providers) for 2017 by Global Trade Magazine.

Recognized in the “emerging markets” category, BDP’s latest honor is part of Global Trade’s 5th annual “Top 3PLs Issue.” Published each August/September, the feature maps the current trends of the rapidly evolving, third-party logistics provider industry and spotlights the very best logistics and supply chain outfits across the United States.

BDP was listed among 100 of the best, biggest and brightest 3PLs in America, each divided into categories denoting service expertise and company strengths. Companies were chosen based on a year-long study that factored in industry reputation, new initiatives and/or services provided and exceptional excellence in doing what they do.

This year’s “needs-based” categories were: E Commerce/Omni Channel; Emerging Markets; Expedited; Global; Medical Solutions; NAFTA; Retail; Specialty Services; Specialty Cargo; Technology; Temp Controlled; Versatile; and Ones to Watch.

“It’s a measure of the quickly growing/changing/evolving global marketplace that arguably the most critical industry serving it, Third Party Logistics Providers (3PLs), continues to grow, change and evolve at a dizzying pace,” Global Trade senior editor Steve Lowery wrote in the issue’s introduction.

BDP was recognized in the “emerging markets” category for kicking off its 50th anniversary in 2016 with office openings in Peru, Morocco and Egypt. The company was also praised for extending its supply chain expertise to India earlier this year, spurred by opportunities for growth due to new initiatives set by the Indian government to facilitate trade.

“It is an honor to be recognized as one of America’s leading 3PLs by Global Trade Magazine, especially within the emerging markets category, as it is indicative of our organization’s commitment to serving the global marketplace,” said BDP Chairman and CEO Richard J. Bolte, Jr. “It is easy to say that one must move faster, deliver services quicker, be more innovative and have an organizational agility to flex with the world, but it takes something quite different to lead the cultural transformation that is required to make these goals a reality; leadership will have to change as well. Leaders will be measured by their ability to innovate and create potential disruptions. The old paradigm of measuring only performance and execution has changed.”