Updates to Section 301: What you need to know

Last week proved to be a busy one for companies that import and export goods between the United States and China, as the two countries continue to threaten additional tariffs on bilateral trade. The US acted first, by announcing a list of affected items, along with the recently announced proposed list of 1300 additional items

The product list includes goods under the following headings (note the products are classified by HTS code):

  • 29 - chemicals
  • 30 - medicines
  • 40 - some rubber, tires, & conveyor belts
  • 72 - iron/nonalloy steel
  • 73 - alloy steel
  • 76 - aluminum
  • 84 - machinery and mechanical appliances, including machinery used in manufacturing textiles and apparel
  • 85 - electrical machinery, television image and sound recorders and reproducers
  • 86 - railway/tramway
  • 87 - motor vehicles
  • 88 - planes and helicopters
  • 89 - boats
  • 90 - glass and microscopes
  • 93 - guns


On April 2nd, China immediately raised tariffs on the 128 U.S. products listed in this document.  

It is imperative to ensure that your products are properly classified, and please take note that the classification that you use for the US may be different from the HTS code used for entry in China. It's important to work directly with your customers in China to understand the potential impacts to your supply chain. 

Should you require any review or assistance with classifying products, please reach out to the BDP Corporate Compliance team for assistance.

Sources: USTR, BDP International