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Import containers

March 4, 2020 BDP Tradewatch

China introduces a new exclusion process for US imports

China Customs Tariff Commission issued Announcement [2020] No. 2 to introduce a new “market-based” exclusion process for additional tariffs on US goods.

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February 25, 2020 BDP Newswatch

Jakarta hit by flooding as cyclones trigger extreme rainfall

Parts of Indonesian capital and its suburbs were flooded after two tropical cyclones off the nation’s coast triggered extremely heavy rainfall, inundating houses in low-lying areas and forcing evacuation of hundreds of residents.

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Globe focused on China with blurred background

February 21, 2020 BDP Tradewatch

China announces the first exclusion list from the second round of additional tariffs on US imports

Effective Feb. 28, 2020, 65 items in total in exclusion list 1 & list 2 will be excluded from the 2nd round of additional tariffs on US goods.

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Yellow semi parked at truck station

February 19, 2020 BDP Newswatch

Carriers report reefer, truck shortages in China's stalled supply chains

China is experiencing a shortage of truck drivers as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and quarantine.

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plane landing

February 15, 2020 BDP Tradewatch

Modification of Section 301 Action: Enforcement of US WTO Rights in Large Civil Aircraft Dispute

On Friday, February 14, the USTR announced changes to the recent action that has been taken by the US on EU origin goods.

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