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February 11, 2020 BDP Newswatch

Blockade in Tyendinaga, ON and New Hazelton, BC

In Tyendinaga, ON and New Hazelton, BC, the court has issued Orders restraining any person from trespassing on CN’s right-of-way and interfering with CN’s operations. The Orders were served on protesters who refuse to comply voluntarily. To date, the protesters have refused to comply.

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BDP International February 10, 2020 Covid-19

Coronavirus Updates

This running article features all transportation updates related to Coronavirus to help you safeguard your supply chain.

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The Palace Museum in Beijing China

February 6, 2020 BDP Tradewatch

China to cut tariffs on $75 billion of U.S. goods

China said it would slash tariffs on $75 billion of U.S. imports in half as part of its efforts to implement a recently signed trade agreement with Washington.

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Aerial yard view - containers at port

February 3, 2020 BDP Tradewatch Covid-19

ISF penalties and the Coronavirus

As a result of the extended Lunar New Year holidays as well as the slowdown of activity mandated by the Chinese government in light of the Coronavirus, there has been difficulty obtaining 100% confirmation of an ISF filing.

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plane landing

January 30, 2020 BDP Newswatch Covid-19

Airlines suspend China flights over coronavirus

Airlines have started suspending flights to China in the wake of a new coronavirus outbreak, which as of Thursday had killed 170 people and infected almost 8,000.

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