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city overview from wooded hills in china guizhou

November 11, 2019 BDP Tradewatch

Adjustments to China Customs Advanced Manifest (CCAM) Regulation

The General Administration of Customs China (GACC) has released announcement No.144 [2019] to advise changes in its manifest rules on imports and exports effective from November 15, 2019.

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MSC container ship in harbor

October 30, 2019 BDP Tradewatch

New Zealand Brown Marmorated stink bug

The New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries has issued direction for imports during the 2019/20 season of the BMWS.

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cargo plane 2

September 18, 2019 BDP Tradewatch

Important update to Cargo and Transit Control air model for Brazil

Airlines will have to electronically transmit information in IATA/Cargo-XML from the flight manifest and air waybills.

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msc ship sunset port

August 28, 2019 BDP Tradewatch

Avoid ISF penalties & keep your cargo moving

The Importer Security Filing (ISF) is required to be submitted to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) no later than 24 hours prior to the cargo being loaded on any vessel destined for the United States.

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front of the white house outside the gates

BDP International August 2, 2019 Tariffs and Trade BDP Tradewatch

With $300 billion in new tariffs, how the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill can help your business

$300 billion in additional tariffs could go into effect on September 1. The Miscellaneous Tariff Bill can help.

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