Centrx Consulting

Centrx is an independent consulting unit of BDP International, established to design, develop, deploy and manage Global Supply Chain solutions. 

As a member of the BDP family of companies, Centrx has assembled a team of international Supply Chain practitioners with a proven track record of providing global solutions through the integration of people, processes and technology. Our client-specific solutions are formed by combining your business imperatives and supply chain process needs with Centrx leading technology and hands-on global experience.

The Centrx service portfolio includes:

  • Network Optimization
  • Control Tower Solutions
  • Outsourcing & 4PL Strategies
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • Export & Import Management Systems
  • Classification Evaluation and Validation of Products
  • Optimization of Global Free Trade Agreements
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Business Process Outsourcing Solutions

Centrx will deploy proven six sigma management disciplines in the administration and execution of each consulting endeavor. The flexibility required to accommodate your special or unique situations is built into our methodology. We can work with you in all phases of your supply chain transformation, or we can assist with any single component of the development. The extent of Centrx participation can, and will be, determined by your business needs and your objectives.

For more information, please contact Andrew Piazza at apiazza@centrx.net .