Information technology that puts you firmly in control of your International Order Execution Process.

Building certainty into international supply chains requires total visibility.

Not just visibility of your cargo. Visibility of your process. All the tracking and tracing capabilities you need. For every milestone in your International Order Execution Process.

Information to make better, faster decisions. Business intelligence that yields the long-term ROI of real process improvement.

BDPSmart—BDP’s online customer service portal. Scalability, flexibility, security and configurability. For the tactical, transactional side of your shipments, as well as the ability to make strategic decisions, through:

  • SmartTracking – real-time track, trace and alert tool that provides order and shipment visibility for all supply chain stakeholders
  • SmartDocs – electronic-based distribution, tracking and visibility tool for documents used in the supply chain process
  • SmartUser Reports and SmartReports – global reporting systems for your business and trading partners
  • SmartMetrics – reporting system that displays statistics for a defined period of time and matches the selected criteria
  • SmartAlerts – user-defined exception communication protocols to monitor key logistical milestones

BDPSmart Vū—BDP’s ultimate vendor management tool. Unparalleled visibility of each milestone in the life cycle of a purchase order:

  • Detailed supplier side data
  • View status of all open purchase orders
  • Make bookings
  • Exception alerts, tracking