BDPSmart Tower – Asset Visibility

Improve visibility and optimize utilization of your tank assets. Bring more revenue to your bottom line.

Asset management is complicated. BDPSmart Tower® reduces the complexity and removes time and cost for global shippers. For improved equipment control and turnaround.

Better access to information from all parties in the supply chain. Real-time monitoring and visibility of your tank movements. Performance measurement for long-term planning.

It all adds up to better equipment utilization without breaking your budget:

  • End-to-end logistics and transportation management including planning for the reverse logistics of empty tanks to ensure they are returned on schedule
  • Proactive exception management based on predetermined lead times for issuing pre-alerts and alerts for near-miss events
  • Coordination of maintenance and repair to reduce equipment downtime
  • Centralized monitoring and global visibility of tanks including daily movements, availability and supply chain performance measurement