BDPSmart – Order Execution

Visibility of your company’s International Order Execution Process is a critical component of your supply chain.

Now, more than ever, it is a challenge just to move product.

Visibility is even more important. Not just your shipments—the visibility of your company’s entire International Order Execution Process.

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End-to-end information that yields deep visibility, command and control. for reduced risk, savings, and bottom-line value to your company.

BDPSmart not only provides tight management of your shipments at the transactional level. You see the details and the bigger picture. A complete summary of your business. For better management of your shipments and happy customers.

BDPSmart – exceptional configurability for easy access to:

  • Track and trace – SmartTracking
  • Electronic document generation and storage – SmartDocs
  • Metrics graphs and drill-down reports – SmartMetrics
  • User-created and system-designed reporting tools – SmartUser Reports and SmartReports
  • Proactive event management system – SmartAlerts
  • Data warehouse reports – BDP Data
  • Global, multimodal rate inquiries
  • Booking and rate information requests
  • Vessel schedules