Smart Tracking

BDPSmart Tracking provides secure global access to shipment events and details.

Complete visibility of shipments from beginning to end. View progress of an order from the time it is received through the actual discharge of the cargo. All in real time. Monitor the status of orders, shipments and documents. Measure and report supply chain performance.

All parties involved with a transaction have access, enabling better communication and documentation throughout.

With Smart Tracking:

  • View all documents associated with a particular shipment
  • View all information transmitted to BDP by carriers, from the time material was received by BDP until it is unloaded
  • When documents are posted to the system, they can be transmitted as soon as the vessel departs
  • Eliminate costs associated with  hard copy documents and couriers
  • Documents also can be archived to meet the timeline requirements for a particular country
  • Resolve shipping issues faster