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Supply Chain Management

In this microsite, you will find an overview of major port and country developments. Together with the Air, Ocean and US domestic transportation updates, you'll find a comprehensive overview of industry recovery and will gain access to the BDP supporting products and our team of experts. 

We also recognize the need to get supply chains up and running, to assist those that may be producing new products for the first time, and to get back to the business of delivering what matters, safely. We have developed a number of whitepapers, podcasts, and dashboards available on this site to support your business on the road to recovery.

Ocean Port Status Dashboard

For optimal viewing experience, please select the 'full screen mode' icon found on the tool bar below the dashboard.

How to use the dashboard:

  • The counter at the top includes totals from the Johns Hopkins Dataset available for download on the Github site for their Coronavirus Dashboard.  That data is updated once daily at 11:59 (UST).
    • Click on any item in the grid or in the map to filter by that country.
  • Hold down “Ctrl” and click on multiple countries in the map or grid to compare how the disease is progressing in different places.
  • There are two map options available at the top center of the map. 
    • By Port shows a map of port statuses around the world. 
    • Heatmap shows a map where countries are colored by Infection Rate.  The darker red the country is, the faster COVID-19 is spreading there. 
  • The Trend Line chart shows how the daily total case count for each country.
    • The green vertical line in the chart marks the current day.  The data points to the right of it are predictions generated by a SARIMA time series model for the next 7 days.
    • See what the next week is looking like in terms of how much more the virus will spread, possibly affecting port status and supply chains.
    • The time series models are fitted and validated individually for each port’s country (parameters will vary by country).

BridgeNet Solutions

BDP is proud to work with Bridgenet Solutions as part of the BDP family to help companies uncover new insights, optimize procurement and execute 4th party logistics activities in a neutral, value-focused approach.

Transport Status Quick Links

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