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Connecting your world

The Global Network Group bridges the gaps and extends our reach.

The world is changing at a rapidly evolving pace.

The needs of international commerce demand a business model that keeps companies connected, regardless of continent or time zone.

At BDP International, we understand the need to stay connected, and work closely with our Global Network Group to offer our logistics expertise to customers and partners in regions where we do not have a direct office.

BDP Global Network Group

The BDP Global Network Group is a select group of logistics and transportation specialists supporting the BDP organization in building and maintaining the most effective and comprehensive global network of worldwide partners (many of which are family owned) in more than 120 countries worldwide. Trusted, respected, and well-versed in the unique service offerings of BDP, these logistics partners have been expertly vetted to ensure alignment with BDP’s values and ongoing commitment to service excellence.

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BDP Smart Suite®

Customers can rest assured that BDP’s Global Network Group provides seamless integration, along with our market facing technology offering, Smart Suite®.

More on BDP Smart Suite

Our team is well equipped to manage our customer’s needs across the globe.

Wherever you are, trust that a BDP partner is there, ready to offer knowledge and expertise to manage your business needs.

Your Logistics Partners

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