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Business intelligence solutions to maximize your potential and drive value to your supply chain.

The power of data

We understand that data is your greatest asset when it comes to analyzing and optimizing your supply chain performance.

We provide data analytics, market intelligence, modeling, and cutting-edge technology to drive business decisions and outcomes that will allow manufacturing planning and control for supply chain management to reduce costs. You will gain a complete understanding of your total supply chain expense with real-time access to your entire transportation spend, benchmarking, real-time trending and customized KPIs. As your leading logistics company, we also utilize machine learning and big data aggregation to run predictive models so you can plan ahead.

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Key Services

  • Inventory load management
  • Demand forecasting
  • Asset utilization
  • Freight cost forecasting
  • Customized trending
  • Spend by mode/region and optimization
  • Year over year spend
  • Benchmark modes and individual lanes
  • Lane pairing analysis
  • Supply chain consulting and operations management support
  • Auditing and reporting, including accessorial/surcharge audit, rate audit, unauthorized shipments, and guaranteed service refund
  • Complete shipment visibility and reporting through BDP Smart Suite applications

Featured Service

Technology & Visibility Tools

BDP Smart Suite® technology provides the visibility and certainty needed to put you firmly in control of your international order to cash cycle.


We wanted to improve efficiency in our operations. During the interviews we believed that BDP was going to bring professionalism, forward-thinking, smart solutions and an open and flexible attitude.

Procurement Manager Ocean Export - Global Chemicals Manufacturer