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Supply chains are complex in nature, complicated by design. Each aspect and milestone of the chain is critical for success, but with so many moving parts, there is ample room for errors and a lack of full transparency. Managing multiple vendors through various platforms can be costly, while also leading to unsightly delays or missed cutoffs. BDP’s origin management solutions deliver comprehensive and cohesive methods for monitoring every aspect of your supply chain, while offering insight to performance management and metrics. Our leading-edge technology provides full life-cycle intelligence, account health, systems integration, and real-time data and results to help your business develop future plans and drive business forward.

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Key Services:

  • PO Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Load Optimization
  • Mode Optimization
  • Services Customs Compliance
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Document Management
  • Cargo Facilitation
  • Order Processing
  • BDP Smart digital technology & visibility tools

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Technology & Visibility Tools

BDP Smart® technology provides the visibility and certainty needed to put you firmly in control of your international order to cash cycle.

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