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Join the mission to achieve a cleaner supply chain.

At BDP, we envision a world of carbon neutral transportation.

However, we recognize the challenges ahead, so we have launched BDP Mission CO2 to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. As part of our BDP Mission CO2 program, we are providing our customers the opportunity to purchase carbon offsets to help you bridge the gap between your supply chain emissions and carbon neutrality.

Mission CO2: Carbon Offsets

Mission CO2: Carbon Offsets

Join the mission to offset carbon emissions.

How does it work?

Through BDP’s carbon offset initiative, we purchase carbon credits from our partner 3Degrees, a certified B corporation and leader in clean energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction strategies. The carbon credits will be used to invest in certified, renewable energy projects.

How will I know that my investment has made a difference?

All projects are third-party verified using internationally recognized standards that are managed and maintained by independent, not-for-profit organizations to ensure your carbon offset investment will produce impactful, measurable, and permanent results.

What will BDP deliver?

We will work with you to select the level of carbon offset investment that aligns with your sustainability goals. We will facilitate and monitor the carbon offset program on your behalf and will provide you with certificates that can be incorporated into your sustainability programs as evidence that the emission reductions have been achieved.

BDP has selected 3 projects that focus on offsetting carbon emissions in diverse locations across the globe. 

PROJECT 1 | Improved Cookstoves

The Central America Improved Cookstoves Project provides improved cookstoves that use state-of-the-art combustion technology to burn cleaner and more efficiently than traditional cookstoves. The project generates $81M in social, health and economic benefits per year.

PROJECT 2 | Landfill Gas to Energy

The Henrico County Landfill Gas Combustion Project reduces greenhouse gas emissions from the installed gas collection and destruction systems which destroys the landfill gas in an on-site power generation facility. The facility uses the gas in its 12 electricity generator engines, providing power (up to 4MW) at peak times.

PROJECT 3 | Wind Energy

The wind power generated from the Giriraj Bundled Wind Power Project displaces the electricity generated from coal, diesel, furnace oil and gas combustion at thermal power stations feeding into the Indian Electricity Grid. The project provides enough clean, renewable energy annually to power 37,093 homes with an average family size of four people.

What are carbon offsets?

A carbon offset is a scientifically quantified reduction in greenhouse gas emissions created when one metric ton of greenhouse gas is captured, avoided, or destroyed in order to compensate for an equivalent emission made elsewhere. Carbon offsets are a way for our customers to mitigate their impact on the environment while they work to reduce their overall footprint.

Mission, possible.

At BDP, we recognize that the world’s natural resources are limited and fragile, which makes corporate social responsibility a top priority for us. We hold a Bronze Level recognition from EcoVadis for our sustainability efforts, and successfully completed a Together for Sustainability audit, which is designed to assess and improve sustainability practices within the chemical supply chains. Our customers can rest assured that our commitment to protecting the environment runs deep - it’s rooted in our core values, reinforced through our sustainability programs, and practiced in daily operations. We look forward to working together on this mission toward carbon neutrality.

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