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A new era

In April 2022, PSA International completed the acquisition of BDP International. This endeavor and partnership is mutually transformative for both PSA and BDP and enables us to provide enhanced value offerings for customers, including new Rail and Multimodal Solutions. 

International Land-Sea Trade Corridor (ILSTC)

What It Is

  • A multimodal solution that enhances the connection between Western China and Southeast Asia, opening a world of options. Shorter lead times and seamless connectivity allow your business to plan better at a competitive cost.

Key Services

  • Freight management

  • Consolidation/hubbing at Chongqing

  • Rail/road last-mile within China

  • Export and import permits for connectivity in and out of Singapore

  • End-to-end visibility

  • Trade financing

  • Cargo insurance

Southern Express (Genoa-Basel-Wolfurt)

What It Is

  • A unique connection between the Mediterranean and the hinterlands of central Europe providing more reliable, sustainable transportation as well as access to alternative ports of call.

Key Services

  • Direct rail connection – without any stops for consolidation or deconsolidation – to/from Genoa, Basel and Wolfurt
  • Shunting connection with all Genoa terminals, linking Switzerland with all ports included in services calling Genoa
  • Connections with more rail hubs in different countries (Germany, Austria, France, etc.) extending the reach towards main industrial areas across Europe
  • Full visibility on maritime and hinterland legs
  • Tri-weekly, roundtrips
  • Dedicated customer care office
  • On-time delivery of containers to port to avoid long and costly storage or missed vessel connections

India / Saudi Arabia

What It Is

Transportation via comprehensive rail connections provides greater reliability, flexibility, and the cost efficiency your business needs to gain quicker lead time to market while reducing overall costs.

Key Services

  • First/last mile transportation

  • Empty repositioning

  • Lift-on/lift-off of containers

  • Rail freight

  • Orchestrate and execute rail solutions (generic or customized)

  • Customs clearance

China - Europe

What It Is

  • A multimodal service that provides a faster, more reliable alternative to all-sea routes between SE/NE Asia and Europe, eliminating the need to settle for lengthy ocean transit times or costly air shipments.

Key Services

  • Empty delivery
  • First mile pick-up at origin
  • End-to-end freight booking
  • Rail freight to China
  • All cross-border customs clearance
  • Transloading for ocean containers in China with sea freight options to end destinations including NE Asia, SE Asia and Oceania
  • Priority handling at selected PSA-operated railway terminals and sea ports