Think smart, work smart

BDP Smart Suite technology provides the forecasting, tracking and visibility needed to put you firmly in control.

BDP Smart® is your digital solution to planning, monitoring and managing shipments across your supply chain.

Our digital applications are designed to provide you with the information and control needed to optimize your supply chain.


BDP Smart Classify

Smart Classify is a collaboration between BDP & PSA International that uses proprietary machine learning technology to help present the most accurate classification details.


BDP Smart Navigator

BDP Smart Navigator enables customers to manage complex, global networks through intuitive, real-time interfaces powered by BDP’s own big data and proprietary algorithms.

  • Advanced, real-time shipment visibility

  • Alerts and exception management

  • Shipment and C02 reporting

  • Port congestion data

BDP Smart Sense

BDP Smart Sense offers shipment planning and lead-time forecasting to help you predict and avoid likely bottlenecks. 

  • Shipment planning and modeling
  • Predictive ETA based on lead time analytics
  • Reliability metrics by trade lane and carrier
  • Port congestion data including average delays

BDP Smart Classic

BDP Smart® is your comprehensive order management solution to monitor and manage shipments across your supply chain.

  • Track and trace your shipments
  • Electronic document generation and secured storage
  • Metrics graphs and drill-down reports
  • User-generated and user-friendly reporting tools
  • Proactive event management system
  • Data warehouse reports

BDP Smart Tower

BDP Smart Tower© improves visibility and optimizes utilization of tank assets which links directly to the BDP Smart application.

  • Interactive dashboard with real-time monitoring and visibility of your assets
  • Track the daily movements and availability of your assets
  • Manage your assets' maintenance and repair cycles
  • Alerts and warnings to ensure awareness of asset inspections or shipment concerns
  • Store important documents related to your assets
  • Performance measurement and reporting for long-term planning

BDP Smart Vū

BDP Smart Vū is your all-inclusive solution to vendor management and supplier logistics.

  • Manage and track vendors and suppliers from a single and secure website
  • Instantly access information on all international orders
  • Transparent collaboration with all supply chain stakeholders
  • Real-time exception notification and supply chain communications
  • Increased order fulfillment flexibility and responsiveness
  • Reduces cost, time, and risk associated with the international order execution process.


We now have more visibility on what is going on in the market, what and where are we shipping, how we ship, and where we need to improve.

Rien de Bil, Hexion Senior Global Procurement Manager