BDP Smart Sense

A BDP Innovation designed for supply chain planning, modeling, and lead time forecasting.

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BDP Smart Sense

BDP Smart Sense

Predicting the previously unpredictable

In a complex landscape of unpredictability, it is more critical than ever for supply chain planners and managers to know when materials and goods will arrive at destination. A lack of proper understanding into the inner workings of lead times can cause stock-outs (inventory delays) and overages (excess inventory), neither of which are an ideal scenario for planners. Without full knowledge into historical performance, there is no visibility available for areas of improvement, thereby continuing the cycle of underperformance, and possibly, unsatisfied customers.

Laptop with BDP Smart Sense

A sense of the future

BDP Smart Sense enables companies to better understand supply chain planning and performance. With just a few clicks, users gain knowledge and total visibility to supply chain lead times, reliability and variability by utilizing historical data (including port congestion data), and predictive analytics to glean insights, analyze trends, and make informed decisions to avoid likely bottlenecks. With more reliable lead times, companies can continuously monitor and adjust ERPs to meet current and projected timelines to enhance shipping processes.

App features:

  • Shipment planning & modeling

  • Predictive ETA based on lead time analytics

  • Reliability metrics by trade lane and carrier

  • Port congestion data including average delays

  • Data export capabilities