Compliance, simplified

Smart Classify is a collaboration between BDP & PSA International that uses proprietary machine learning technology to help present the most accurate classification details.

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Faster, clearer compliance powered by technology, validated by experts

The complexity of product classification often leads to costly errors for international shippers. Smart Classify minimizes the risk by instantly connecting users to BDP experts for HTN classification or validation, with a clear view of current status and historical classifications.


Expert Services

  • HTN product classification

  • HTN code validation

  • ECCN classification

Centralized Controls

  • Guided workflow

  • In-app communication log & document sharing

  • Historical product information

Compliance Insights

  • Data repository for auditing

  • Metrics for trending & analysis

  • Dashboard view

Supporting your compliance programs where you need it most

  • Data Consistency
  • Risk Avoidance
  • Clear Stakeholder View
  • Cycle Time Reduction

The world of international trade involves a multitude of shifting regulations and increasing risk.

In a world that’s changing by the second with government agencies requiring more and more information from shippers, you can’t leave anything up to chance. BDP International’s Trade Compliance Management team has a proven history of minimizing trade compliance risk and ensuring supply chains move efficiently.

Trade Compliance Management: Minimize risk, maximize your supply chain