Shipping safely and responsibly

A safer, more sustainable supply chain.

At BDP, we move chemicals on a daily basis.

This undertaking demands a process and strict set of guidelines to ensure we are operating in the safest, most responsible, and environmentally conscientious method. Enter Responsible Care®; a proven initiative that serves as the chemical industry’s environmental, health, safety, and security performance initiative. Responsible Care® is the chemical industry’s commitment to the safe, responsible, sustainable management of chemicals throughout their entire life cycle, and for their intended end use. It’s a better way of doing business, and it’s the right way to do business.

Our Commitment

As a Responsible Care® Partner Company since 2003 and industry leader in chemical logistics management, we at BDP have committed to adhering to these standards through Responsible Care Management System® accreditation. We also worked with the Chemical Distribution Institute (CDI) and their Marine Packed Cargo Principles (MPC) and were the first international logistics company to be accredited under RCMS and IMPCAS protocols. These principles serve to continuously improve BDP's safety commitment to our employees and the supply chain value extended to our customers. 

About Responsible Care® at BDP International

  • Voluntary program run by the US based American Chemistry Council
  • We at BDP have committed to adhering to these standards in the US through Responsible Care Management System® (RCMS) accreditation
  • BDP voluntarily signed on to launch our program globally through the Responsible Care® Global Charter in 2015
  • The Charter was signed by every BDP employee worldwide and is on display in each office, the Global Charter outlines our unified pledge to the safest chemical handling practices around the globe

At BDP, our commitment to service excellence is made stronger by practicing what we preach.

Our culture is one that celebrates safety and corporate responsibility, which is why we fully support and implement the guiding principles of Responsible Care® in our daily operations.

Proven Commitment

Partner of the Year

BDP is honored to have been named the Responsible Care® Partner of the Year in 2016, 2017, and 2020. The Responsible Care Partner Award recognizes the superb performance and safety record of companies involved in the distribution, transportation, storage, use, treatment-disposal, and/or sales and marketing of chemicals.


The guiding principles of the ACC’s Responsible Care® program directly align with BDP’s commitment to implementing the safest and strictest handling of chemical shipments so that we can provide our customers with peace of mind while overseeing their intricate supply chains.

Richard J. Bolte, Jr., BDP Chairman and CEO

Committed to Responsible Care®

In 2015, BDP launched the Responsible Care® Global Charter Campaign, our global commitment to continuously strengthening our performance and updating our progress on environmental, health and safety (EHS) performance measures.

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