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The Challenge

Sealed Air Corporation’s Cryovac brand is a leading global manufacturer of materials and systems for protective, presentation and fresh food packaging in the industrial, food and consumer markets.

For Cryovac, getting product to market within just-in-time (JIT) schedules is the norm, requiring high standards of service.

Cryovac is the market leader in specialty packaging systems— everything from laminates and bags for food to specialized protective products and customized packaging. Manufactured through four divisions of Sealed Air, a US-based company, Cryovac is synonymous with superior quality and high standards of excellence.


One of Cryovac’s Shrink Packaging Division plants is located in Kuantan, Malaysia. The plant manufactures shrink films for the entire Asia marketplace. Some of the raw materials used in the production process are shipped from the US, while most are supplied by nearby petrochemical companies in Southeast Asia, thanks to Kuantan’s reputation as a petrochemical hub.

To meet challenging shipping schedules, Cryovac’s Kuantan Plant Manager demands exemplary performance in the movement of his company’s imported raw materials and the export of finished goods to customers. “We selected BDP to be our sole freight forwarder,” he says, “because of their reputation and their competitiveness. I have been in manufacturing for a long time and I know BDP’s reputation. No one wants to do business with a company that cannot provide good service. You can have good prices but at the end of the day, if the level of service is not there, it is more costly to your company.”

“Many companies talk about providing good service, but the real call is with the customer. BDP stands behind their service statements.”

Plant Manager – Cryovac - Sealed Air Corporation, Kuantan, Malaysia

To meet the time-sensitive demands of the client’s supply process, BDP provides a range of customized services, greater transparency of cargo movement, and the management of Cryovac’s carriers’ performance and space allocation needs. This includes customized logistics reports on export record, by customer, by sector, and by volume, as well as a customized tracking record for all export information based on customer order number and the number of product rolls from the client’s factory. A track-and-trace capability with online access is provided for Cryovac’s regional customer service representatives. In addition, JIT support for container loading, delivery into port, documentation declaration and loading onboard vessel help keep Cryovac’s inventory low.

“As part of a cost-saving initiative, BDP manages the performance and space allocation of Cryovac’s carriers based on first tier and second tier support,” says the Country Manager of BDP’s extensive Malaysia operations, “including monitoring and selection of carriers based on cost and transit time criteria.” Instead of the client obtaining and reviewing different quotes from various carriers, as well as the range of lead times based on direct or stopover schedules, BDP provides a single quotation with a rate. “BDP gives us the vision of one carrier leaving one port—when it leaves and when it arrives,” Cryovac states. “With that information, we decide which carriers and rates to select. This is very useful to us.”

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Because cargo transparency is critical to Cryovac, BDP set up a single-flow solution for logistics management of the client’s import of raw materials through to the export of finished goods to customers in Malaysia and the entire Asia Pacific region. Ninety percent of those goods—rolls of packaging placed into cartons on pallets and in containers—are shipped within the Asia Pacific region; the other ten percent are exported to the US. These are generally full container loads to most destinations.

The track-and-trace capability of the customized reporting system lets the client view each container and its rolls of product directly from the plant in Kuantan.

This shipment data allows Cryovac customer service representatives in Taiwan, Korea, Japan and China to log into the track-and-trace system by viewing the packing list information, which allows them to see inside a particular container and verify the number of rolls there.

Measuring Up

BDP staff are also located just five minutes from the Kuantan plant and are active participants in Cryovac’s Supply Chain Operation Review Team, providing service and performance updates during the client’s monthly production/operations review.

“Every second of every day, business is being conducted throughout the world,” Cryovac’s Kuantan Plant Manager emphasizes. “That requires meaningful business contacts, which means people who can communicate. The accuracy and the professionalism of BDP people has been a big advantage. They deliver what we expect them to deliver. Many companies talk about providing good service, but the real call is with the customer. BDP stands behind their service statements. Having worked with other freight forwarders, there is a yardstick against which to measure. We make comparisons and BDP is far ahead of any of our previous resources.

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“BDP’s service is professional, helpful and friendly—it’s very good for business.”

Plant Manager – Cryovac - Sealed Air Corporation, Kuantan, Malaysia

“In addition to BDP’s accuracy, professionalism and cost savings, the company provides us with a very timely and complete Customs export and import documentation process, which Cryovac’s finance people find very easy to work with. Although it is a very tedious job and demands attention to detail, checking invoices, etc., BDP’s process is clear and straight to the point, which makes the documents easy to process.”

As plant manager he must balance a number of responsibilities, while satisfying the needs of many clients. The most important goal for Cryovac’s Kuantan Plant Manager is keeping his customers happy. “You can judge the quality level of service by the number of complaints,” he points out. “Although achieving 100 percent accuracy is difficult for any company, shipment delays for us are very minimal. Our customers are happy and that is what counts at the end of each day. BDP’s service is professional, helpful and friendly—it’s very good for business.”

Customer Benefits

  • Greater transparency of cargo movement, managing carriers and space allocation needs
  • Customized logistics reports on export record - by customer, sector, volume, customer order number and product rolls from factory
  • Track and trace allows verification of each particular container
  • JIT support for container loading, delivery and documentation declaration
  • Monthly service/performance updates
  • Timely, complete, easy-to-process Customs export and import documentation

Services & Technologies Used

  • Imports and Exports across Multiple Trade Lanes
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Ocean Transportation
  • Documentation Management
  • Regulatory and Security Compliance
  • Customs Clearance
  • Data Management
  • Performance Metrics and Reporting
  • Hazardous Materials Handling