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The Challenge

The coronavirus COVID-19 has caused unprecedented disruptions to the supply chain industry. As airlines announced flight cancellations, and ocean carriers increased blank sailings, the ripple effects touched each aspect of the transportation industry. 

Case Study 1

A massive, multi-faceted shipment of one million FFP2 protective masks delivered safely, in record time

The Al Mada Foundation, a Moroccan-based affiliated to Al Mada Holding, one of the largest company operation on the pan-African scene, pledged 1 million FFP2 masks to health workers in Morocco who are on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19.

Despite the encountered challenges of flight cancellations, cargo capacity constraints, a national holiday with limited staff, and teams in different time zones working to coordinate this substantial order, BDP teams rose to the challenge. Thanks to careful coordination, alignment amongst teams in China, Morocco, Dubai and Turkey, and the specific attention to every last detail, BDP teams worked around the clock and were able to facilitate, expedite, clear and deliver this vital shipment safely, and on time to help protect those healthcare workers on the front lines of this global crisis.

Case Study 2

Operational resilience for Operation “Resilience”

When a major multinational manufacturer needed to import a massive shipment of PPE masks to protect their front-line workers and local military staff members, they turned to BDP’s air team in Europe for assistance. With an entire Qatar Airways freighter booked to move 14 million masks weighing 65 tons, there was no room for error. Working on a tight time schedule, the BDP team worked around the clock over a weekend and built 237 wooden pallets to ensure the shipment would be picked up without delay the following Monday. Sure enough, 33 trucks arrived and were successfully loaded in record time (6 hours) with a hundred military members on-site for an operation that was deemed “Resilience”. BDP is proud to help our customers protect what matters safely, during COVID-19.

Case Study 3

Urgent shipment of PPE from Korea to China

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, one of BDP’s long-term customers needed to move 12k masks from Korea to protect their teams in China, Due to flight cancellations and capacity constraints, space was extremely limited. Times was of the essence, so the BDP team quickly researched options and recommended movement via courier service which would shorten the shipment duration. This method of delivery was new to the customer, so the team walked through the entire process, step by step, to ensure all necessary documentation and paperwork was correctly in place to prevent any delays with clearance. The masks arrived on time to the customer’s facility, providing protection for team members in essential roles.

Case Study 4

Urgent air shipment of respirator masks

When a customer approached BDP about an urgent air shipment of respirator masks needed for their facility in Belgium, BDP sprang into action. In a race against the clock, the BDP teams quickly collaborated to ensure all necessary paperwork was properly in place due to the ever-changing regulations with PPE equipment. The shipment was delivered to the customer without issue, and in turn, their employees performing essential tasks are properly protected.

BDP is proud to support our customers and help move what matters, safely, during these challenging times.

Case Study 5

Expedited clearance for essential cargo

When an emergency shipment of N95 respirator masks from China was needed for a customer’s facility in Belgium, time was of the essence. BDP teams in Belgium sprang into action to ensure all pertinent paperwork and documentation were properly filed to ensure a smooth clearance without delay. Thanks to the expeditious collaboration by BDP teams, the shipment was collected from the airport and delivered directly to the customer, right on schedule.

Case Study 6

Critical PPE airfreight shipment, powered by BDP

When a leading Midwestern company needed to get 500K PPE masks to their essential workers in heavily impacted areas, they sought assistance from BDP. With the current challenges of COVID-19, airline capacity was extremely limited. The team was able to charter an entire Boeing 757 to move this critical cargo. BDP also had team members onsite prior to departure and upon arrival to ensure a seamless process, and even made sure the pallets were loaded onto the truck for final delivery! We are proud to support our customers in their endeavours to protect their essential employees who serve the needs of their local communities during these challenging times.

Case Study 7

Expedited clearance for protective medical gear

In a recent event, BDP China was nominated for a special and urgent shipment request that involved five air shipments of protective masks from the U.S. and South Korea to Shanghai. With the lack of manpower in terms of truckers (as many were quarantined) and the capacity constraints with carriers (as flights were cancelled), our China team successfully carried out the shipment and had the masks delivered to our customer’s consignee within two days. 

Case Study 8

Brotherhood across borders

When the city of Rosario, Argentina received a valuable donation of sanitary supplies from its brother city Shanghai, a long-standing customer referred BDP to the city as a logistics provider. The donation consisted of 3,000 N95 masks, 300 Jihua model medical protection suits, and 20,000 Medicom surgical masks that needed to be cleared from Ezeiza and transported to Rosario. The BDP Argentina team quickly provided the urgent and necessary documentation to properly expedite and clear this critical shipment, and oversaw the transport and delivery for distribution to healthcare professionals. These products were desperately needed to protect those on the front lines in Argentina's battle against COVID-19. 

This is the #BDPExperience. Delivering the world what matters, safely.