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A partner with proven compliance expertise for unprecedented conditions

The Challenge 

In North America, LEDVANCE LLC (LEDVANCE) offers a wide range of SYLVANIA LED luminaries for various applications, intelligent lighting products for Smart Homes and Buildings, one of the largest LED lamps portfolios in the industry, and traditional light sources. Managing an international workflow is difficult in any environment, but when combined with restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic and frequent changes to tariffs, LEDVANCE knew they needed a partner who was well-versed in regulatory and compliance expertise. LEDVANCE reached out to the BDP Trade Management team for support to maintain compliance with regulations as well as to foster internal knowledge development for future self-reliance.

The Solution

BDP was familiar with LEDVANCE’s business as their acting US customs broker and had developed a close partnership over several years. BDP’s Vice President of Trade Management, Angie Alleva, worked with the BDP Indianapolis import team for support with their day-to-day needs and the Corporate Trade Management team for educational support. Because of the previously established partnership, LEDVANCE was able to openly discuss their challenges and business needs with BDP and identify a list of areas where support was needed.

In addition to standard US clearance services, LEDVANCE required day-to-day support for their internal compliance matters which encompassed the following:

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  • Consulting on various Customs and Border Protection and other government agency regulations

  • Training to elevate internal staff knowledge based on topics from basic import & exportcompliance to customized topics onreconciliation and customs valuation

  • Coverage for LEDVANCE’s internal compliance resource

  • HTS Classification support

Additionally, BDP’s team was able to offer duty recovery services as LEDVANCE’s products met the specifications for the China Exclusions.

“LEDVANCE and BDP have been a great team. LEDVANCE has been through many changes over this past year and BDP has made this a much smoother process. BDP has provided their services for whatever our needs are, or have been. Each day, week, month just makes our client/customer relationship even stronger.”

- Melinda Bledsoe, ExportControl & Customs (ECCS) USA


LEDVANCE was able to outsource numerous day-to-day functions to BDP’s Trade Management team. This allowed LEDVANCE management to focus on larger internal matters and identify additional metrics and areas of opportunity for improvement.

Through the duty recovery services, BDP was able to process claims prior to entry liquidation. In turn, LEDVANCE should see a return of over $3.9 million to their balance sheet, avoiding lengthy and more costly drawback procedures.

Lastly, BDP led several virtual training sessions on various compliance and trade topics for the team at LEDVANCE. These sessions were tailored to address specific topics to elevate the team’s knowledge base as well as review the most current developments and changes within the realm of customs regulations.

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Services & Technologies Used

  • Compliance Training

  • Entry Audits

  • HTS Classification

  • Duty Recovery

Customer Benefits

  • Proactive approach to regulatory challenges

  • Focus on larger internal matters

  • Identify areas of opportunity

  • Timelier procedures & avoidance of costly drawbacks

  • Increased internal knowledge and updated changes in customs regulations