Systems-based solutions for bottom line results

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About OQ


  • Oil & Gas/Projects
  • Chemical & High Care


  • Analytics & Optimization
  • Visibility Tools
  • Trade Risk Management

The Challenge

OQ is one of Oman’s largest and most rapidly growing businesses in the Middle East oil industry. To help meet their growth goals, the company wanted to implement systems-based solutions for all their transportation and logistics operations.

Global changes in technology mandated the company seek a new business model, including increased automation to minimize paperwork and less reliance on manual activities t o reduce the possibilities of errors.

“We were looking for an all-round solution to meet our vision. We wanted a company that not only has a worldwide presence but can also provide the best systems,” says OQ Global Supply Chain Manager, Dawood Al Rahbi.

“OQ’s priority was to engage the right logistics service provider to handle and manage the movement of polymers by sea and road while meeting all compliance, performance, and cost optimization expectations,” says Bill Black, BDP’s Director, Global Chemical Sales.

“They wanted a resource with a strong global network who could partner with them as they navigated their global growth expansion plans and hub -- delay in-transit -- shipments.”

The Solution

Syed Ali, Country Manager for BDP Oman, explains, “The first step was to bring together key BDP staff, including the company’s expert Project handling and transition team that has extensive experience as a lead logistics provider within the energy and chemical sectors. With the support of BDP’s local operational management we collectively used our supply chain expertise to process-map the key milestones within the OQ supply chain."

“At all stages we partnered with OQ personnel, to review, agree on and implement a process that would add efficiency, optimization and time savings, supported with agreed ‘checks and balances’ in terms of KPI’s to ensure a seamless and accurate execution of the operational, documentation and visibility delivery.”

Global visibility of OQ’s shipments cargo is critical. Black recommended BDP Smart Suite®, the company’s set of intuitive applications designed to deliver real-time, end-to-end visibility of data and documentation, including milestones and exceptions.

“BDP Smart provides easy access to key data, so that we and our client can quickly make the right decisions to help drive bottom-line value for them,” Black emphasizes.


We are satisfied with the services of BDP, their professionalism and quick adaptation to the required changes and solutions which they bring to our business.

Global Supply Chain Manager — OQ

BDP’s solutions/value propositions for OQ include:

  • BDP’s extensive local, GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) expertise, global network and excellent relationships with local customs, port and carriers

  • Technology solutions to ensure connectivity and provide real-time global visibility and tracking, and cost improvements

  • On-time carrier slot bookings

  • Hub Management Services

  • In-Transit Monitoring Services

  • Experienced staff to conduct screening of Letters of Credit, preparation and execution of shipping Instructions, complete bills of Lading audits, as well as the finalization of the original BL on behalf of OQ

  • Swift response to and corrective action for any challenging situation

  • Data Management Systems

  • BDP’s Meridian operating system for operations

  • BDP also provides direct EDI connectivity to OQ’s SAP system.

Dawood states, “BDP has been helpful in changing the way we conduct business by bringing in systems-based solutions, thereby reducing paperwork and also helping to reduce time taken to complete a task.”

Manual tasks have been significantly reduced, which has increased productivity and provided cost savings,” he adds.

“BDP achieved sixty percent paper reduction in the project,” Black says. “Our documentation team works completely paperless except those documents for customs and port authority requirements.”

“BDP’s Document Management System - DMS - can store all OQ documents related to shipments for a period of 10 years and which can easily be retrieved by reducing the need of hard copies for later audits. While using BDP’s IT systems, we achieved a productivity increase, i.e. completion of more files with reduced manpower, also a cost saving for OQ.”

According to Dawood, the primary capabilities OQ looks for in the selection of a transportation and logistics resource are the very elements the company found when they chose BDP: professionalism, systems-based solutions, efficient and quick adaptation to changes and challenges.


Our edge was our IT systems, in terms of timely and accurate reports, updated tracking in real time, and reduction of manpower costs. This enables OQ to optimize operational productivity and be more efficient.

Bill Black, BDP’s Director, Global Chemical Sales

About OQ

OQ is a global integrated energy company with roots in Oman. It emerged in late 2019 upon the successful integration of nine legacy companies, united to form a stronger, more efficient and consolidated entity. They operate in 17 countries and cover the entire value chain in the energy sector from exploration and production, to marketing and distribution of end-user products. Their fuels and chemicals are sold in over 60 countries worldwide. They also partner with local and international companies in the hydrocarbon sector to increase value for the shareholders and reap greater benefits for the communities.

Customer Benefits

  • Updated tracking in real time and reduction of manpower costs

  • Cost optimization and sustainability through automation

  • Timely and accurate reports

  • Increased productivity and cost savings

  • Intimacy with the client’s supply chain

  • Global visibility of OQ’s shipments cargo

  • Easy access to key data

Services & Technologies Used

  • Gulf Cooperation Council expertise

  • BDP’s Meridian operating system

  • On-time carrier slot bookings

  • Hub Management Services

  • In-Transit Monitoring Services

  • Data Management Systems