Top 10 ways to keep your team on track for success in a crisis

During these challenging times, the supply chain (like many other industries) is experiencing significant disruptions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, teamwork is critical to ensuring continued success in serving our customers. 

“Meetings” look a little different these days, and for many regions work is happening remotely and is therefore autonomous and based on mutual trust! This might bring some teams under pressure. To avoid this, it is critical to adapt, to install new initiatives, and to heighten communications among team members to ensure everyone is aligned. For me, the following criteria are essential:

  • Make a consorted effort each and every day to connect and communicate;
  • Ensure all members are on the same proverbial page, at all times;
  • Maintain a well-structured, well-organized, and well-disciplined mindset;
  • Provide mutual support for each other to close any possible gaps, by working efficiently and effectively;
  • Encourage one another;
  • Have the trust and curiosity to leave your comfort zone and take on a new challenge;
  • Have a sound balance between their professional and personal life;
  • Break the daily routine, take moments to switch off, to relax, helping you to energize, and lastly;
  • Stay positive!


As a leader, make sure to invest enough time into these steps, to drive with experience, to energize and inspire, to design, to trust, and to be the listening and empathetic ear. In short … to be there for and to take care of your team! 

Our Teams are there to help you, to deliver what matters, safely! 

A well-performing and highly motivated team with the right character and mindset is an ideal breeding ground to act, to delight the customer, and to create disruptive solutions, regardless of the size of the challenge! In today’s health crisis, survival is dependent on our ability to move with our customer and market needs. Just as in ‘normal’ times, a great team sees the customer as the referee and knows that the customer’s perception is most important to become better and to make a difference!

By practicing these principles, our BDP teams around the world have continued on our collective mission to delight our customers and to deliver the best global logistics solutions. We are honored to serve our customers during these unprecedented times when the logistics industry has never been more essential. 

View the latest update on COVID-19 impact on our specially developed website. Here you’ll find everything you need to know to keep your supply chain safe and don’t forget, more than ever, our Teams are there to help you, to deliver what matters, safely!