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In today's ever-changing environment, companies need to be well versed on the factors at play that can affect their business. As such, BDP International is pleased to host educational seminars all over the globe to educate, inform, and share knowledge with our audiences. 

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back end of blue and red cargo containers stacked

July 18, 2019 via webinar Complimentary Webinar

Import/Export Webinar: Red Flags

In this webinar, we’ll discuss Red flag indicators – signals that something could be wrong, and if not properly handled, could mean trouble for your business. We'll walk you through some indicators...

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msc new york at apm port

July 16, 2019 via webinar Complimentary Webinar

Import/Export Webinar: Exporting to the US

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through what a European supplier should know to make sure your shipments have a smooth journey to the U.S.

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MOL ship

July 11, 2019 via webinar Complimentary Webinar

Import/Export Webinar: What's Hot in Imports

An update on what's happening this year. We will discuss current events and upcoming changes in the US for importers.

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Hyundai HMM container ship

June 20, 2019 via webinar Event Regulatory Compliance Complimentary Webinar

Import and Export Webinar: Free Trade Agreements

As of January 1st, 2013, the US has 14 active Free Trade Agreements with 20 countries, and the Trade Pacific Partnership is likely to be finalized in the short term. This session will provide valuable...

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