Italy virus containment measures extended to entire country

Italy extended its quarantine measures to the whole country on Monday night, only two days after it imposed a lockdown on much of the country’s north, making it the first country in the world to place its entire territory under quarantine to contain the coronavirus epidemic.

Facing the biggest outbreak of the virus outside China, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said all of the quarantine measures imposed in the north of Italy in recent days will apply to the whole country, with effect from Tuesday morning. 

Our Business Continuity Team has been closely monitoring the developments with the virus to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, first and foremost. Presently, BDP Milan is fully operational, with some members of the staff working remotely.

Operational resilience: BDP International is working diligently to ensure minimal disruptions to our customers during this time. Additionally, ports, airports, and customs are still operational, and trucking companies continue to move freight. There are certain restrictions with airfreight due to carriers limiting capacity in and out of Italy, but airports remain open.

We will continue to keep our customers apprised of status updates and news alerts as they develop. As a reminder, please visit our update page for the most current news and alerts regarding COVID-19 and BDP's operations in affected areas.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal and BDP International

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