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Leading the way in global logistics

Optimizing your international order to cash cycle.

We manage lead logistics for some of the world’s leading multinational companies.

There is no substitute for a logistics company with a proven track record, the right industry expertise, and the commitment to provide exceptional value and service to help you meet the increasing complexity and challenges within your global supply chain.

As your Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) we manage all aspects of your international order execution process, including data, information, and logistics associated with your import or export shipments. Our global logistics expertise, advanced supply chain technology, and customized logistics solutions will help you analyze, develop and implement successful supply chain management strategies from end-to-end which will enable you to reduce your operating costs, cycle time, inventory, and liability risk.

BDP's LLP features:

  • BDP Smart Suite® 24/7 real-time online visibility tools, metrics and reporting, fleet management, vendor and purchase order management
  • BDP Control Tower and dedicated global account management team
  • Global process control through assessment, analysis, tight management of multiple modes and oversight of 3PLs and carriers
  • Transportation solutions that provide execution, performance management, allocation and planning
  • Predictive analytics, forecasting, demand, and supply chain optimization
  • Design, development and implementation of supply chain strategy, vendors and networks
  • Integration of supply chain systems, operations and participants
  • Selection, collaboration and management of supply chain vendors
  • Enhanced supply chain value and continuous Six Sigma process improvement
  • Comprehensive regulatory & trade management services
  • Consultancy within and outside the scope of responsibilities

BDP will help you:

  • Minimize cost of manufacturing and logistics services
  • Increase profitability and shareholder value
  • Reduce capital investment and increased cash flow
  • Enhance operating cost efficiency through supply chain improvements and procurement savings
  • Improve customer service through increased quality and efficiency
  • Build collaboration with supply chain stakeholders to improve performance
  • Expand visibility and supply chain event management
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A trusted partner in a competitive world

“In today’s competitive world, you need partners who can grow with you, and that’s why we have formed a partnership with BDP. As Dow positions itself for future growth, we will need a logistics partner with a proven track record, the right industry expertise, a commitment to provide exceptional value to our customers, and extensive global reach and capabilities. BDP offers us exactly those strengths.”

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BDP Smart Suite® technology provides the visibility and certainty needed to put you firmly in control of your international order to cash cycle.

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