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Visibility is key

BDP Smart Suite® technology provides the visibility and certainty needed to put you firmly in control of your international order to cash cycle.

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Visibility is the key to reducing risk and optimizing supply chain performance.

For over 50 years, BDP has been at the forefront of innovative logistics solutions and technology that increase supply chain visibility and enable our customers to drive operational productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

BDP Smart Suite® is our collection of intuitive applications designed to provide shippers with real-time, end-to-end visibility of the data, documentation, milestones, and exceptions associated with digital supply chain activities. Featuring world-class security, data monitoring, and redundancy to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information assets. Smart Suite® industry vertical applications adhere to the ISO 27001 standard. Our tools make it easy to access essential information required to make quick, informed decisions to increase savings, and drive bottom-line value to your company.

Key features include:

  • Shipment and asset tracking, monitoring and management
  • Event and exception management and alerts
  • Automated documentation generation, distribution, tracking and storage
  • Advanced analytics, easy-to-use data visualization and reporting tools
  • Global trade regulatory compliance assurance, assessment, reporting and management
  • Dangerous goods and sensitive shipments tracking through placement of regulated hazardous placards
  • Vendor and purchase order monitoring and management
  • Industry specific products (Chemical, Life Sciences and Retail)
  • Interactive global map of top trade lanes, vessels and alerts
  • Widget dashboard with user-configuration options
  • Mobile-enabled responsive design
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Advanced technology provides comprehensive global solution

“We now have more visibility on what is going on in the market, what and where are we shipping, how we ship, and where we need to improve.”

Rien de Bil, Hexion Senior Global Procurement Manager

See how BDP technology improved Hexion's supply chain.

Featured applications:

smart classic

BDP Smart Classic®

An order management solution to monitor and manage shipments across your supply chain.

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smart chemical

BDP Smart Chemical®

Designed specifically for chemical supply chain specialists, it includes a customizable dashboard, an interactive map highlighting top trade lanes and alerts, and instant hazardous cargo visibility.

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smart life sciences

BDP Smart Life Sciences®

Designed specifically for life sciences logistics, it includes industry-specific widgets, customizable dashboard, an interactive map highlighting top trade lanes and alerts, and instant hazardous cargo visibility.

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smart retail

BDP Smart Retail®

Designed specifically for retail supply chains, it includes industry-specific widgets, a customizable dashboard, an interactive map highlighting top trade lanes and alerts.

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smart vu

BDP Smart Vū®

Provides procurement and inbound logistics managers unparalleled visibility of milestones in the life cycle of purchase orders (PO). Allows seamless integration and visibility to all parties in the global supply chain - from requisition and inception of PO through final delivery.

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smart tower

BDP Smart Tower®

End-to-end asset management and optimization for tanks and containers. Real-time asset performance and location monitoring, safe and reliable asset returns, coordination of tank maintenance and repairs to reduce equipment downtime and make your assets work harder.

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