BDP Smart Navigator

A digital solution for real-time visibility and predictive ETAs

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Enabling the future of logistics through advanced visibility & predictive analysis

BDP Smart Navigator enables customers to manage complex, global networks through intuitive, real-time interfaces powered by BDP’s own big data and proprietary algorithms.

Introducing BDP Smart+Navigator

Introducing BDP Smart+Navigator

BDP Smart Navigator helps customers efficiently and effectively navigate the supply chain 

Smart Navigator enables you to:

  • Increase agility and control

  • Improve customer service

  • Improve planning and reduce inventory

  • Gain a cohesive, global view

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Real-Time Visibility

  • Global interactive map & visibility to the entire supply chain
  • Live shipment tracking
  • Event data integration with live shipment data
  • Actionable insights

Predictive ETA

  • Projected routes
  • Multiple data sets leveraged, including schedules, event and AIS tracking data
  • Port congestion analysis
  • Predictive ETA algorithms built by BDP

Accessible Insights

  • Leverages multiple technologies to improve accuracy
  • User and BDP configured geo-fences to enable tracking and arrival notifications for specific areas
  • Manage multiple geographic attributes 
  • Alerts and exception management


Smart Navigator tracks and forecasts ETA every 10 minutes

Navigate the tides of change with BDP Smart Navigator