BDP Smart Navigator

A digital app for real-time visibility and predictive ETAs

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Smart Navigator Promo Update.mp4

Smart Navigator Promo Update.mp4

A single day can make a world of difference

Knowing when cargo is scheduled to arrive can vary greatly from when it will actually arrive. The difference can result in costly delays, supply chain disruptions, and dissatisfied customers. It is within the DNA of the supply chain industry that delays happen, many of which are often inevitable, but with Smart Navigator, your business has the power to react faster than ever before and find alternative solutions to keep your supply chain in motion.

Navigate changes as they happen

With BDP Smart Navigator, all shipments are visible within one interactive map. Users have the ability to drill down to specifics on any given shipment, and where cargo is in real-time. Predictive analytics provide insight to show actual arrival based on port congestion and other factors. Smart Navigator is also equipped with built-in alerts and event management to reflect when cargo will be impacted, allowing businesses to plan and control what happens next. The application also provides key, customizable on time metrics so users always have a clear and cohesive display of supply chain performance to better assess future planning and forecasting measures.

App features:

  • Real-time shipment visibility

  • Predictive ETAs

  • Event driven transit times

  • Alerts & exception management

  • Key transit time metrics